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We ensure clients have an experienced Toronto and Beyond Bail Lawyer to help release from custody.

The police can ask the courts to detain an accused in custody until the case goes to trial. If this happens, the Crown will endorse this position and ask the Judge that the accused remains in jail. A Judge will usually go with what the Crown suggests.

A public government defender known as Duty Counsel is available to help those in custody face a Bail Hearing. Duty Counselors are dealing with many files daily and can assist all the people they can take that day. They can deal with anywhere from 12-50 records a day.

If the courts deny a Bail, an appeal can take up to 30-60 days to arrange, and the ground is found.

To give your loved one the best chance at freedom, they should have a Toronto Bail Lawyer who has the experience practicing Criminal Law in Ontario.

Affordable Experienced Bail Lawyers.

We offer an affordable bail lawyer Toronto and surrounding areas. We work in all courts in Ontario and take every step possible to work with our clients and their families on one basis.

Our goal is to ensure we form the best case possible to demonstrate to the courts why the accused should be released. We are keen to ensure our rates are affordable to all residents of Ontario.

We understand how tough it can be for the family during a crisis, and when you speak to our office, you will get the sense that we care about our clients’ well-being. We never say no to anyone who needs help that we feel we can assist.

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What is Bail?

In Canada, “bail” is referred to as “judicial interim release.” It is the foundation on which an implication is enforced to show up at court and the way of restriction over behavior and freedom pending conclusion of the criminal process.

The law states that the accused must be liberated pending trial unless the Prosecutor can prove cause that the incarceration of the implicated is justified.

The court might liberate the implicated from prison with confining terms and surety to help with the surveillance of the accused in society.

The guarantor will guarantee an amount of money (without deposit), which is an object to pay to the court should the accused violate the conditions of liberation. In some cases, a cash deposit is required.



  1. May be able to speak with the police and negotiate your release from custody at the police station without needing a bail hearing.


  1. A criminal defence lawyer can help make sure that your bail hearing proceeds quickly and that you are not arrested any longer than needed.


  1. If you are held for a bail hearing, your lawyer will negotiate with the police and Crown attorney to try to secure reasonable conditions for your release.

You may be subject to unnecessary and restrictive terms of freedom without the assistance of competent counsel, including:

  • House arrest
  • Curfew
  • Absurd conditions.


  1. If a contested bail hearing is required, your lawyer will ensure that any proposed sureties are appropriate and help prepare them for the types of questions that are likely to be asked at the hearing.Any proposed guarantor must be well-developed before the hearing, as it could make the difference between your detention and your release.


  1. Your lawyer will work with your sureties to come up with a plan of release to satisfy the court. A criminal defence attorney can help to secure assessments and treatment for alcohol or drugs or arrange for some form of counseling.Such treatment will be valuable for resolving your case, but arranging a treatment plan in advance may be vital in securing your release and avoiding a detention order.


  1. If necessary, your criminal defence attorney can establish to have witnesses show up in court and support evidence at the bail hearing. This can help to identify weaknesses in the Crown’s case and make your release from custody more likely


A surety is a person who concedes to handle the implied if they are liberated from detention.

A guarantor acts as the “jailor” for the accused person, ensuring they appear at court and putting up with all the conditions of their release, such a check-in time, or requirements that they not contact certain persons or attend specific locations.

A surety may be enforced to guarantee an amount of money to the court to secure the liberation of an accused person. Usually, the guarantor will not be needed to deposit money with the court but will need only to assure the court with the financial assets to fulfill the amount pledged should the accused person violate the conditions of their release.

The amount of money needed will rely upon the circumstances, the criminal charge, the criminal record of the implicated, and the individual situation of the guarantor.

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Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug cheap lawyer legal aid lawyer best lawyer Toronto affordable lawyer legal aid lawyer Bail
Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug cheap lawyer legal aid lawyer best lawyer Toronto affordable lawyer legal aid lawyer Bail


The court is admitted to demand conditions on the release of the accused if they are given freedom. Depending on the circumstances, these obligations will vary from case to case, but the Prosecutor may request unreasonable terms.

Potential restrictive provisions on bail release may include:

  1. To remain within a territorial zone
  2. To live with their guarantor or at an address authorized of by their surety
  3. To report the officer, of a different address, employment, or occupation
  4. To stop communicating directly or indirectly with specific individuals
  5. To refrain from going to particular locations
  6. To safeguard their passport
  7. To cease from having any firearm, and to concede any firearms licenses
  8. To notify at certain times to the police
  9. To refrain from drinking alcohol or other intoxicating substances
  10. To abstain from consuming drugs except for medical prescriptions.

The half-life of Valium and desmethyldiazepam is significantly increased in elderly patients, which may prolong the drug https://opencuny.org/valiuym-10mg-for-sale/effect and lead to its accumulation in case of repeated intake.

An accused person who fails to comply with their bail conditions may confront new criminal charges and will have a difficult time being granted bail.

The Crown may sue a surety who fails to supervise an accused adequately for the full amount of money that they pledged.


If the court is satisfied that the accused should be released, there are several options available:

  • Undertaking, a Recognizance Without Sureties and Deposit
  • Recognizance With Sureties and Without Deposit
  • A Recognizance with Deposit.

An initial agreement only requires the accused to appear in court as directed by the venture. An undertaking may also demand other terms, such as refraining from consuming alcohol or not having any weapons.

A recognizance requires an implied to keep specific terms with a financial punishment if they do not comply.

The recognizance can be for any amount the court determines would be appropriate based on the circumstances, including:

  • The accused’s financial situation
  • The elements of the offence,
  • The likelihood of the recognizance not being complied with

The court may demand that guarantors be added to the recognizance to help assurance compliance. Warrants are mutually and individually responsible for the amount of the recognizance.

When an implicated doesn’t reside within 200 kilometers of where they are in custody, the court can demand to deposit an amount of money or valuable asset. The deposit or valuable asset will not be returned until their case is concluded. Sureties are an alternative in this circumstance.

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