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If so it can change your life. A DUI or DWI in Ontario is a criminal offence and can have consequences that can affect your employment, ability to travel and insurance rates. Find an affordable DUI lawyer to assist you. You need a DUI lawyer who you can trust and that can work in your budget. We strive to work with our clients to provide them what we think are the best DUI Lawyer Payment Plans in Ontario.

Do Not Plead Guilty To DUI Charges Regardless Of Circumstances

If an allegation of DUI has been made get sound legal advice from a Toronto Are Experienced DUI Lawyer as soon as you can. It does not matter how much you blew when the Police conducted the field test or other details of your arrest. We are experts in determining and examining the process of arrest by Police to ensure all rules were followed. Before making any decision contact our office to see how we can help you at no cost. Your future is in the balance and you should get all the information you can to help protect you criminal and driving record.

Ontario Police and Crown Attorneys Will Prosecute DUI Charges to Fullest Extent

Even is this your first time being arrested by the Police do not expect any sort of exception when it comes to the consequences of a conviction. Crown attorneys have mandates under Ontario Law to peruse minimum sentences that include a life long criminal record and licences suspension for 12 months.

What happens if you are convicted of DUI?

The consequences of drinking and driving conviction are very serious and so is being under the influence of any illegal drugs and legal ones including cannabis. The cost of defending these types of cases is usually high but compared to what it will cost you in the long run it still a fraction. Most Canadians have a lifestyle that requires a care for every day life.

We all have things to do like get to work, pick up drop of kids and the list is endless. The consequences of driving while suspended for drinking and driving are some of the most severe in Canada. The best advice is to find an Affordable DUI Lawyer that you can trust and who is easy to communicate with.

Most DUI Lawyers have higher rates.

However, our firms’ rates are always much lower then what most firms charge, and our rate of success is very high. You do not need to spend out of your budget for a great defense. Call our office 24/7 for free information and resources. We also offer some of the Best DUI Lawyer payment plans in Ontario and strive to be the most Affordable DUI Lawyers in Ontario.

Do you want to avoid conviction of DUI criminal offences?

Protect your lifestyle, employment, license and your ability to travel out of Canada. Call our office today and get the help you need. There is no cost to call and get some great advice. Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug has experience and background practicing criminal law in Ontario and the goal is to protect your criminal record and freedom.

Impaired Driving is what most people think of as a “DUI” or “DWI.” In Canada, this is a criminal offence, pursuant to section 253(1)(a) of the Criminal Code. Impaired driving, also commonly known as DUI or DWI, means being in control of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or a combination of the two, and is a serious offence under the Canadian Criminal Code.

What is considered impaired driving?

You do not have to exceed the legal blood alcohol limit to be charged with impaired driving. The only requirement for a charge of impaired driving is that your ability to drive was affected by alcohol or drugs, regardless of how much or how little was actually consumed.

How the police assess whether you are impaired

The police will make a judgment about your ability to drive safely based on a number of observations, including your appearance, your answers to questions, your physical movement, and whether you or your car smell of alcohol. Under the law, the police have the right to stop your car and ask you if you have consumed alcohol or drugs before driving. Although you are not required to answer such questions, it is generally best to avoid becoming hostile with the police. You are required to provide the police with your driver’s licence, car ownership, and insurance papers.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Toronto DUI Lawyers

Do DUI Lawyers take payments?

An experienced DUI Lawyer in Ontario will accept Payment Plans and without a credit check. A DUI Lawyer must be able to understand the financial limitations of a client and work with them to find a solution that works for everyone. We do accept Credit Card Payments, Debit Card Payments, Interest Free Monthly Payments with in house financing and post dated personal Cheques.

Our main goal is to be able to help anyone who contacts our office mount a defence to allegations of drinking and driving DUI in Ontario. If you have any questions about rates or payment plans feel free to contact our office and discuss your options anytime.

Can you get a DUI dropped?

There are many defences available to those who are facing allegations of DUI in Ontario. A few of them include Last Drink Defence, Certificate Not Served and Impaired – Indicia – Contradictions Between Officers. The Police in Ontario are excellent at doing their Job however we always recommend those charged with DUI in the Toronto area to seek guidance of an experienced DUI Lawyer to ensure all rules and regulations where followed when the charges were laid.

The consequences of a conviction of DUI are too high. Contact our office to see if your DUI charges can be dropped today. We are always available to answer questions at no cost. So do not hesitate to call our office to see if your DUI charges can be dropped today.

What Can A Lawyer Do For A DUI?

A DUI Lawyer who is experienced with DUI allegations in Ontario can help an accused avoid a criminal record that will impact the convicted person in regards to employment, ability to travel and jail time just to mention a few. Most people who are facing a conviction of DUI in Ontario realize very quickly the immediate and long term consequences of a conviction of DUI.

A DUI lawyer will be able to discuss your matter in detail and offer possible defences to your allegations after understanding exactly what took place before and during the interactions with the arresting officers. A DUI lawyer will listen to your side of the story and offer you all available options at no initial cost. We offer free Consultations so if you want to find out what a DUI Lawyer can do to help contact our office anytime. We have experience Criminal Law in court rooms across Ontario and experience in DUI laws in Canada.

What Happens If DUI Charges Are Dropped?

When DUI charges are dropped in Ontario the accused avoids the long term consequences of a criminal record that include the inability to drive, loosing employment, auto insurance being canceled and the ability to be able to travel freely.

The stress of conviction of DUI is very high. Those who are able to have charges of DUI in withdrawn or reduced to non criminal offence are usually able to return back to normal every day life and also avoid the social stigma that comes with being a convicted of DUI.

We understand that those who are facing allegations of DUI are hoping to have charges of DUI dropped. Contact our office to see if your DUI charges can be dropped and if you want more information on DUI defences click here to see top 10 defences of DUI in Ontario. Seek advice from a criminal lawyer who knows all the DUI Laws in Ontario.

DUI testing methods explained by Toronto DUI Lawyers

Performing tests

To test a driver’s alcohol consumption, the police have the legal right to administer certain tests at the side of the road after someone has been pulled over: a breath-screening test, and the Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST). They may also demand an oral fluid (saliva) sample to test for drug impairment.

Mandatory alcohol breath screening tests

Under recent changes to Section 253 of the Criminal Code (as per Bill C-46), police officers no longer need to suspect a person of impaired driving in order to demand a breath test. They can now conduct random mandatory roadside breath tests to screen for alcohol impairment. This means that drivers who are stopped for any other lawful reason, such as a traffic violation, or a check stop, may be required to provide a breath test.

Further changes to the law also allow police officers to demand a breath test for impaired driving up-to two hours after a person has been driving, meaning they do not have to be operating a motor vehicle at the time. Persons who are found impaired within this 2-hour period face new Criminal Code offences with penalties that include mandatory fines and up-to life in prison, depending on the severity of the offence. It is up to the driver to prove they only consumed alcohol after they stopped driving.

You do not have the right to consult a lawyer before performing the roadside test. However, if you are taken to the police station for further breath tests, you do have the right to have a lawyer present.

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Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug cheap lawyer legal aid lawyer best lawyer Toronto affordable lawyer legal aid lawyer Bail

Testing for drug impairment

If a police officer suspects a driver has drugs in their system, they may demand a roadside oral fluid sample and/or conduct a Standardized Field Sobriety Test. If the driver fails the SFST or provides a positive oral sample test, they may be arrested and taken to a police station for further tests, which could include a drug recognition evaluation, providing a blood sample, or additional bodily fluid samples (urine or oral) to confirm previous findings of impairment.

A drug recognition evaluation includes sobriety tests that are similar to tests for alcohol impairment, taking blood pressure, oral body temperature and pulse, and measuring pupil size in different lighting conditions.

Failing a breath test or SFST or refusing to provide a breath sample can result in serious charges under the Canadian Criminal Code.

Drivers who fail to comply with a drug recognition evaluation, or who comply and are deemed to be under the influence of drugs, will be subject to criminal charges that carry the same penalty as driving while impaired by alcohol.

Penalties for impaired driving

There are penalties under both the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and the Canadian Criminal Code for impaired driving.

Highway Traffic Act

There are a number of offences that impaired drivers could face in Ontario. These include:

  • – refusing to take a drug or alcohol screening test
  • – testing over the legal limit of 0.08
  • – a drug recognition evaluator determines you are impaired

Penalties for these offences include:

  • – an immediate 90-day roadside licence suspension,
  • – a $550 administrative penalty,
  • – a $275 licence reinstatement fee,
  • – your vehicle will be impounded for seven days,
  • – mandatory education or treatment program (for second or subsequent offences within 10 years, and
  • – an ignition interlock condition will be placed on your licence for a minimum 6 months (for third or subsequent offences within 10 years)

If you are found guilty in court of these offences, you will be subject to the following additional penalties:

  • – a minimum 1-year licence suspension for a first offence
  • – a minimum three-year licence suspension for a second offence within 10 years
  • – a possible lifetime licence suspension for a third or subsequent offence in 10 years (which may be reduced if certain criteria are met)

You will also have to enrol in a mandatory education or treatment program, use an ignition interlock device (for one, three or six years), and undergo a mandatory medical evaluation to determine whether you meeting the requirements for driving in Ontario.

The Ontario government has recently increased the penalties for the following other impaired driving offences:

  • – registering a blood alcohol concentration of between 0.05 and 0.8 (50 – 80 milligrams of alcohol in every 100 millilitres of blood), known as the “warn range”
  • – violating the alcohol and drug zero tolerance requirement for young (21 and under), novice and commercial drivers
  • – failing a Standardized Field Sobriety Test (SFST)

If you commit any of these offences, you will be subject to the following penalties:

First offence:

  • – licence suspension for 3 days
  • – $250 penalty

Second offence within 5 years:

  • – licence suspension for 7 days
  • – $350 penalty

Third and subsequent offences within 5 years:

  • – licence suspension for 30 days
  • – $450 penalty
  • – a mandatory alcohol education or treatment program (for third and subsequent offences within 10 years)
  • – an ignition interlock condition will be placed on your licence for at least 6 months (for third and subsequent offences within 10 years)
  • – you must submit to a mandatory medical evaluation to determine whether you meet the requirements for driving in Ontario (for fourth and subsequent offences within 10 years)

In addition to these penalties, for each time your licence is suspended, you may be subject to a $275 licence reinstatement fee.

Zero tolerance for young and novice drivers

Any licensed drivers who are 21 and under, regardless of licence class, or novice drivers caught with any alcohol or drugs (including cannabis or other drugs that can be detected by an oral screening device) in his or her system who are convicted in court, will face an additional fine of $60-$500 and an additional 30-day licence suspension.

Drug-impaired driving

Fully licensed drivers caught driving impaired by any drug including cannabis, prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications are subject to the same penalties as alcohol impaired drivers. Previously, drug impaired drivers faced criminal charges, but did not face licence penalties and suspensions under provincial legislation.

When taking Ativan, drowsiness and impaired coordination may develop. This may affect the performance of certain skills, such as driving vehicles and machinery, especially if you do not get enough sleep.

Drug impaired driving can still lead to the same criminal charges, and penalties, as alcohol impaired driving.

Canadian Criminal Code

Criminal Code impaired driving laws refer to impairment by alcohol, drugs and a combination of both. The prohibited levels of each are as follows:

  • – Alcohol: a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) is 80 milligrams or more (mg) of alcohol per 100 milliliters (ml) of blood
  • – Cannabis (THC): between 2 nanograms (ng) and 5 ng of THC per ml of blood (less serious offence); and 5 ng of THC or more per ml of blood (more serious offence)
  • – Combination of alcohol and cannabis: 50mg or more of alcohol per 100ml blood and 2.5 ng or more of THC per ml of blood.

If you are found guilty of impaired driving under the Criminal Code, you will be subject to:

  • – a mandatory minimum $1,000 fine and a maximum 10 years in prison for a first offence,
  • – a mandatory minimum 30 days in prison up-to a maximum 10 years for a second offence
  • – a mandatory minimum 120 days in prison up-to a maximum 10-years for a third offence

In addition, being convicted of impaired driving means you will have a criminal record. Click here to visit us on Facebook.

Now is not the time to delay! Your reputation, future, and freedom and ability to continue driving are too important. In all cases, you are well advised to immediately speak with affordable DUI Lawyer Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug so he can evaluate your case, get your side of the story, and relentlessly defend you against your DUI charges.

You can also contact one of our lawyer for traffic act charges and provincial offences.

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