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If you have been accused of breach of probation or bail conditions, you could be facing severe consequences. That’s why it is so important to have an Oshawa breach of bail lawyer by your side as you could be sentenced for extended jail time and other punishments, with fewer options for the court to be compassion.

When you do something that goes against a court order it doesn’t automatically makes you guilty you can defend yourself. The best thing to do in this situation is to call an Oshawa breach of bail and probation lawyer like those from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug.

He and his team of criminal defense attorneys will help you plan your defense strategy. They will help you if you have been charged with breach of bail,  breach of probation, breach of court orders or similar matter, they are your best option to represent your interests.

Lawyer Plug can help you in all Ontario courthouses including the Durham Region, and the Greater Toronto Area.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense like assault, assault with a weapon, DUI, fraud, shoplifting, cyber crimes, sexual assault, identity fraud, and robbery in Oshawa and the Durham Region you will need to appear at the Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel S. Sharpe, DSO, MP Courthouse.

The Lieutenant-Colonel Samuel S. Sharpe, DSO, MP Courthouse is located at 150 Bond Street East Oshawa ON L1G 0A2 and the office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm. Here they have heard the civil and criminal cases as well as the bail hearings.

To know where and when to go to Court, the police will give you a piece of paper with all the information written. If you lose this information you can always consult the daily court lists on the internet, or you can call either the satellite court or base court for more information.

Bail Hearings

When you are arrested the police have two options released you or send you to a bail hearing. You have the right to a bail hearing within 24 hours and it is your right to be released on bail if there is not a valid reason to keep you in custody.

It is in your best interest to have proper legal representation so call an Oshawa bail lawyer as soon as you have been arrested.

If it is possible to call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug when you find out you are a suspect in a criminal investigation. This way you will know exactly what to do and who to call if the police arrested you.

When you call Lawyer Plug you have a free consultation, affordable rates and legal aid accepted. So call today at 647-490-7660 and talk to an experienced Oshawa criminal defense attorney intake officer.

What Happens at a Bail Hearing

A bail hearing is where the judge or the justice of the peace will listen to the Crown attorney and your Oshawa bail lawyer to decide whether you should be released. The factors the judge will consider can be:

  •       The criminal offense you are charged with; how severe the crime is
  •       If you are a danger to the public
  •       If you are trustworthy; if you have ever failed to appear in court in the past
  •       If you have a criminal record
  •       If you have a job, a business or a family nearby
  •       If you have a surety or/and the money for bail

A bail hearing is open to the public so it is always helpful to have a friend or family member by your side in court to confirm for you if possible.

If the Court grants bail you will be out from custody until your trial. You will need to accept and attend the bail conditions.

Some of the conditions might be:

  •       not to have any contact with the accuser or alleged victim
  •       if there are more people charged you are not allowed to communicate with them
  •       not permitted to go out of town, to a specific place, or near a person or persons
  •       not to change your home address
  •       have a curfew
  •       respect the rules of a house arrest

It is important to have an experienced Oshawa bail lawyer to make sure you understand your bail conditions. If you have any questions it is imperative to talk to your Oshawa criminal defense attorney because if you don’t follow your bail conditions you can be charged with failing to comply with your bail.

Failing to comply with your bail is a criminal offense where you can lose your freedom and be held in custody. If this happens you will be back in court for a second bail hearing which it would be more difficult to regain your freedom.

Call us anytime at Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug as we have excellent  knowledgeable of Oshawa breach of bail lawyers that will help you in this difficult situation.

Bail conditions are restricting and you can feel overwhelmed but if you don’t agree and follow them you will remain in prison through all the criminal process which may take a long time.

But when you hire an Oshawa bail lawyer they will make sure you have reasonable bail conditions as he have experience practicing all types of criminal law in all Ontario courthouses.

Breach of Bail

You need to understand that bail conditions are not suggestions but rules that you must follow to remain out of jail. If you fail to follow these rules you are telling the Court you don’t feel that the bail conditions are important.

Remember, you must comply with every condition of your bail.

If for any reason you do not follow your bail conditions, the police can arrest and charge you with failing to comply with your bail. This is also known as a breach of bail conditions.

When there is a breach of bail conditions you should talk immediately to an Oshawa breach of bail lawyer as the police can deliver a warrant for your arrest.

At Lawyer Plug, you will find the help you need if the police issue a warrant for your arrest.

The police can arrest you if:

  •       they have reasonable cause to think you did not comply with your bail conditions, or
  •       your surety has declared they don’t want to be your surety anymore.

When this happens the process will begin again by taking you into custody and you will have another bail hearing. Your best defense is to talk to your Oshawa breach of bail lawyer before you are arrested again to know what to do.

In this new bail hearing, you will need to demonstrate the court once again why you are trustworthy to be released while your case is in criminal court. The best way to do this is to let your Oshawa bail lawyer guide you through Canada’s criminal system.

You should understand that being charged with failure to comply with your bail has severe consequences including:

  •       it may be harder to get bail in the future,
  •       it will be unlikely that you will be permitted to use the bail program
  •       if you are accused with another crime in the future, the Crown will be doubtful to discharge you on bail

When there is a breach of bail conditions the Crown can make a Section 524 application to the court. A Section 524 application is also known as a bail revocation application.

When the bail revocation application is approved, your original bail will be canceled and the new bail hearing will be to explain your:

  •       your first charges
  •       and the new charges you are facing

If this happens it is will be harder for you to be discharged on bail.

It is important that if you haven’t talked to a criminal defense attorney by now to call an Oshawa breach of bail lawyer immediately. It is not wise to face the criminal system alone.

Call 647-490-7660 and get the help you need!

Your surety can revoke your bail on any occasion. This could happen because they think:

  •       you have a breach of bail conditions
  •       you are not going to comply with a bail condition in the future, or
  •       simply they don’t want to act as your surety anymore.

If this takes place, a surety warrant for your arrest will be declared. If you know your surety will revoke your bail, you need to:

  •       contact an Oshawa breach bail lawyer immediately
  •       find a person that is willing to act as your surety. If it is possible that can meet the same conditions as your preceding surety.
  •       turn yourself in. Before turning yourself in call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug for a free consultation.

When you call Lawyer Plug they will contact the police and help you organize the best way to turn yourself in. Keep in mind that once you turn yourself in, you will be arrested.

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Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug gives you a free consultation, affordable rates and accepts legal aid. Call them day or night 7 days a week as there is always someone there to help you.

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