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When you are charged with a crime it is important to attend for your court appearance. If you fail to appear, you could be charged with additional punishments.

In Newmarket, you will need to appear at Newmarket Courthouse located at 50 Eagle Street West, Newmarket Ontario L3Y 6B1. The office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm.

To know when you must go to Court you will be given a form from the police. In this form, you will know when and where to show up in Court. It will also specify the time and place for fingerprints and photos at a police headquarters.

It is imperative to appear at the police identification unit and in Court the dates and times shown in the Court of Appearance form. If you fail to attend on either date you will suffer severe consequences including a criminal charge.

Failing to attend court is a serious crime that may lead to a warrant for your arrest being expressed. If for any reason you cannot appear in Court or at the police headquarters in the date and time the form stated, you need to contact immediately a Newmarket failing to attend court lawyer.

A reliable Newmarket criminal defense attorney you could call is Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug, as he has the knowledge and experience to help you during this difficult time.  We are the Newmarket Bail Lawyers that always go the extra mile for our clients.

When you call Lawyer Plug you will receive the help you need as they work on all Ontario courthouses defending people charged with criminal offenses such as assault, assault with a weapon, DUI, drug trafficking, shoplifting, fraud, identity fraud, internet crimes and more.

Plus you can call Lawyer Plug day or night 7 days a week as there is always someone to help you with your bail hearings.

Here are some emergencies that could impede you from going to Court

●       An accident
●       Sickness
●       A death
●       Weather

If any of the above happens it is in your best interest to tell your Newmarket failing to attend court lawyer that you cannot go to Court on the date scheduled. Your criminal defense attorney may tell you that he could go for you and/or that you need to send a friend or family member to court for you.

If you send someone to Court, he or she will be able to explain why you weren’t there and ask for a discretionary bench warrant.

You need to understand that this may not be possible as it will all depend on the type of crime you have been charged with. The best thing you can do is to call as soon as possible your Newmarket failing to appear in court lawyer as he/she will tell you how to proceed.

What Happens When You Fail To Appear In Court

When you fail to appear in court at the date and time set, the justice of the peace or the judge will determine whether to:

  •       dictate a bench warrant for your arrest, or
  •       dictate a discretionary bench warrant and postpone your matter.

The smart thing to do if you can’t go to Court is to call a Newmarket failing to appear in Court Lawyer to try to avoid a bench warrant for your arrest as this will definitely will cause problems for you and your loved ones.

What is a bench warrant?

A bench warrant for your arrest is ordered by the judge or justice of the peace when you fail to attend your court date. If this happens, you will be arrested and in most cases detain for a bail hearing.

If you are detained and you need a bail hearing call immediately a Newmarket bail lawyer, such as one from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug. It is imperative to call as soon as possible as bail hearings need to be done within 24 hours after your arrest.

Remember, it is not wise to face Canada’s Criminal Justice System alone, your life could change for the worse without proper defense.

Keep in mind, that once a bench warrant is ordered, you can be arrested by the police. Plus, you can be charged with a failure to appear in crime.

Bail Hearings – Do You Need Bail Lawyer?

In Canada, bail hearings determine whether a person charged with a crime can remain out of jail until completion of the criminal process. Canada’s Charter of Rights determines that a person has the right to be released on bail unless there is justified reason not to. It is the Crown’s job to prove the accused should stay in custody.

As I mentioned before, the person charged with a crime can be discharged on bail with restrictive conditions either alone or with the supervision of a surety.

It is important to hire a Newmarket bail lawyer as soon as you are arrested to help you through your bail hearing.

There are many reasons why it is important to hire a Newmarket bail lawyer including:

  •       Your bail lawyer is capable to talk to the police and negotiate your liberty from custody at the police station without the commitment for a bail hearing. So make sure to call Lawyer Plug, immediately after your arrest.
  •       Bail hearings should take place within 24 hours or sooner and having a Newmarket bail lawyer by your side can make the process faster so you are not in prison any longer than necessary.
  •       An experienced bail lawyer has the tools and skills to negotiate with the police and Crown Attorney reasonable terms for your discharge. This is important because if you face Canada’s criminal system alone you may be accountable to restrictive bail conditions, including house arrest, curfew, etc.
  •       On many occasions, the Court will demand a surety for your release. Having a Newmarket bail lawyer is the best way to find an appropriate surety for your case. Plus they will help you and your surety or sureties to prepare for the types of questions that might be asked at the bail hearing. The advice of an expert bail lawyer before, during and after the hearing could make the difference between spending time in jail or your discharge.
  •       It is important to understand that bail hearings are very important and you need a plan that will satisfy the court. Your bail lawyer will make sure to come up with a solid plan and to work with your surety to keep you free.
  •       The court may order treatment for alcohol, drugs or mental problems to concede bail. Your Newmarket bail lawyer can arrange a treatment plan in advance to prove the Court you will comply with the bail conditions.
  •       It is always a good idea to have friends and family members to support you at the bail hearing. Your bail lawyer will help arrange their attendance and prepare them if they need to testify in your favor. This could help your case as you will provide evidence.

As you can see, a competent and experienced Newmarket bail lawyer such as our team from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug could be your only chance to remain free. Call him as soon as you know you are a suspect in a crime. Save this number and if you are arrest call them immediately from the police station. Remember you have the right to receive proper legal representation.

What is a discretionary bench warrant?

On some occasions, the judge or the justice of the peace can dictate a different kind of warrant called a discretionary bench warrant.

When this warrant is issued, the Court postpone your case in your absence without ordering a bench warrant for your arrest. Once you appear to your next court date, the discretionary bench warrant is canceled.

But please don’t think about missing your next court date, as the judge or the justice of the peace will dictate a bench warrant for your arrest.

It is essential to understand that there is a higher chance that the Court will issue a discretionary bench warrant if you Newmarket failing to attend in court lawyer or your agent explained the reason for your absence.

So, if for any reason you can’t attend court on the date and time scheduled, call your Newmarket criminal defense lawyer, or get a friend or family member to go to court on your behalf and explain the causes for not being there.

If you can’t attend your court date and you don’t have a Newmarket failing to attend court lawyer or a friend or family member to go on your behalf it is important to know if there is a bench warrant for you.

To find out if there is one, the best thing you can do is to call the courthouse and speak to the criminal court clerk.

If there is a bench warrant, you can try to explain the criminal court clerk the causes why you were absent and try to have the warrant dismiss or you can organize to turn yourself in.

But before you turn yourself in call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer for a free consultation. Explain your case and listen to their defense strategy. Don’t do it alone. Have by your side the help you need to have a fair day in court.

Now, if there is no bench warrant or a discretionary bench warrant has been dictated, ask the clerk for your next court date. Don’t fail to attend your next court date as the court may dictate a bench warrant for your arrest.

And don’t forget to call Lawyer Plug to plan your defense for your appearance in court.

Why It Is Important To Call A Newmarket Fail To Attend Lawyer

Please understand, that if the Court ordered a bench warrant you can be arrested at any moment. But if you act fast the bench warrant may be canceled before the police arrest you.

But to have the warrant rescinded it is urgent to talk to a Newmarket failing to attend court lawyer to see if the bench warrant can be revoked or it is better to turn yourself into the police.

You might think that hiring a Newmarket criminal defense attorney is expensive but when you call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer you get a free consultation, affordable rates and they accept legal aid.

When you received the help you need you can move on with your life as soon as possible. So make the right choice and call 647-490-7660 today.

What To Do If You Fail To Attend The Court Date?

As I mentioned before, the first thing you need to do is to talk to a Newmarket failing to appear in court lawyer to receive the advice you need and try to have the warrant rescinded.

If you had an emergency it is important to show proof of why you missed court. You need to bring this proof to the courthouse and talk to a Newmarket criminal defense attorney.

For example, if you fail to attend court because you had a car accident you could bring the police report. Once your criminal defense lawyer shows the proof he/she will ask the court to dismiss your bench warrant.

If the petition is conceded, you will receive a new court date. If the bench warrant is not canceled, you could be arrested at the courthouse and detained by police until you have a bail hearing. Keep in mind that it could take a couple of days before you are released from jail.

Call a Newmarket bail lawyer to help you with your hearing because he/she will provide the guidance you need.

It is important to understand that even though the bench warrant is revoked, the police might add another charge with failure to appear. This could mean you can have a different warrant for that charge.

Keep in mind that failure to appear is a separate crime than the one you were first charged with.

If you had been charged with failure to appear it is important to talk to your Newmarket criminal defense lawyer to help you negotiate with the Crown about having the charge withdrawn.


As you can see a failure to appear is a criminal offense that needs to be taken seriously.

It is important to call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug to help you negotiate with the Crown and the judge this new crime to avoid severe consequences including jail.

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Finally, don’t forget to talk to a Newmarket bail lawyer as soon as possible. Your bail lawyer is the only person capable of helping you remain free. Remember, bail hearings are only the first step throughout your criminal process and they need to be treated seriously.

At Richmond Hill Affordable Lawyer Plug, you will find the help you need 24/7. Call them today!

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