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Have you been charged with Fraud and are looking for an Affordable Fraud Lawyer or Fraud Lawyer in Toronto?

Any fraud charge in Ontario is considered very serious, and both the Police and Court system prosecute them to the fullest extent. You may have searched google for Affordable Fraud Lawyer or Fraud Lawyer Toronto.

If you have found our site and are looking for Affordable Fraud Lawyer or Fraud Lawyer Toronto, you have come to the correct website. We hope to offer you information on our site, and by phone, so you can ask things not listed on the site. We keep our offices open 24/7 to help answer your questions anytime you are available to speak.

It would be best if you found a Fraud Lawyer whom you can trust with a successful track record.

In Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug, we have knowledge practicing Criminal Law in Courtrooms in Ontario.

After speaking with our office, you will get the sense that we are about helping our clients obtain the best results in court, and we accept legal aid, offer monthly payment plans, and, of course, affordable flat rates.

Looking for a fraud lawyer in Richmond Hill or anywhere else in Ontario, we are here to help.

We are Fraud Lawyers who are well experienced in Insurance Fraud Bank Fraud Credit Debit Fraud and All Other Fraud Allegations.

Types of Fraud

There are many ways for fraud under $5000 to occur. The scam typically contains a falsehood, and that can take many specific ways, like:

Insurance fraud is one of the most usual types of fraud as it involves someone exaggerating the loss to receive more money from the insurance company or a bank for instance. Insurance fraud commonly involves vehicle insurance, which is similar to property damage where a house or business is set on fire to collect fire insurance.

Bank Fraud can include using fake documents to take on an identity to transact fraudulent loans or credit cards.  These types of identity crimes are on the rise and if you have been accused of such an offence legal counsel is recommended.

Asset Misappropriation: This type of fraud occurs mostly in businesses. For instance, employees can add personal assets and payments to their business trip’s budget to make the company pay for it.

Another example is to create false costs to write down into a report to receive money. In simple words, Asset Misappropriation is when a person seeks compensation for expenses where a company or person is not responsible.

Identity Fraud: This type of fraud is becoming more popular as the electronic age expands. It happens when personal information is stolen. Another person uses personal data such as bank account, credit card number, and email for fraudulent intentions.

Advance Fee Fraud: A common type of fraud made when a person offers a product or service, but an advance fee is requested before the product or service can be delivered. Once the advanced fee is paid, there is no product or service.

Services Fraud: A type of scam that abuse people who don’t know when it comes to hiring the services of an expert.

For example, an unscrupulous plumber may be hired to fix a leaky valve. Then, it deceitfully claims other issues with the plumbing that demand more concern and services to repair. Or he or she may state that some expensive parts are needed to finish the job, but then use cheaper components to keep the money.

Securities Fraud: Here, a person or company provides deceitful data to investors to hold buying or selling of stocks. Besides fraud, this crime also violates other security laws. Usually, this fraud implicates higher amounts of money.

Racketeering: A common type of fraud. It usually involves gangs or other organized crime groups where they demand a fee in exchange for protection from harm. Another form of racketeering is loan sharking, where an organization provides money at extremely high-interest rates.

Other Fraud Services:

– Tax fraud

– Mortgage Fraud

– Charity Fraud

– Internet Fraud

– Breach of Trust

– Employment Fraud

– Medical Health Practitioner Fraud

– Loan Fraud

– Real Estate Fraud

– Credit Card Fraud

– Email and Inheritance Fraud

– Insurance Fraud

– Medical Insurance Fraud

 We are Affordable Fraud Lawyers and Criminal Lawyers in Toronto. You can contact our office anytime.  

Contact 24/7 Affordable Fraud Lawyers & Fraud Lawyers in Toronto. We have a track record that you can rely on.


Fraud offences are divided into two categories.

Fraud over $5,000

Fraud over $5,000 is an indictable offence with a maximum penalty of 14 years.

Fraud under $5000

The Crown has a choice as to whether they wish to proceed by indictment or by summary conviction.


  • By indictment, the maximum penalty sentence is two years.
  • By summary conviction, the maximum sentence is six months.

The fraud must be accomplished by deceit, falsehood, or other fraudulent means, which means that the accused must have an intent to defraud to attract criminal responsibility.

The victim does not have to suffer economic loss. There must, at the very least, be a risk of prejudice to financial interest.

Fraud charges can range from a simple transfer of price-tags to significant credit card and mortgage transactions involving millions of dollars.

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Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug cheap lawyer legal aid lawyer best lawyer Toronto affordable lawyer legal aid lawyer Bail
Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug cheap lawyer legal aid lawyer best lawyer Toronto affordable lawyer legal aid lawyer Bail

How To Defend Fraud Charges

Fraud charges are either classified as fraud under $5000 or fraud over $5000, depending on the value of the amount alleged to have been defrauded.

It is considered a “property offence,” and it is not uncommon for an accused person to have multiple counts of fraud alleged if the conduct alleged took place over a lengthy period. Those looking for advice on fraud charges should consult a criminal lawyer.

As in all criminal cases, entering a plea of guilty to a fraud charge can have profoundly serious consequences. Having a criminal record may affect your work, your immigration status, reputation, family, and personal freedom.

A conviction for fraud is particularly problematic because it is considered a crime of dishonesty.

In any fraud case, the prosecutor must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that fraud occurred. In making their case, the prosecutor will often rely on a complicated paper trail and witnesses. At every turn, there may be opportunities to exclude or challenge such evidence.

Our criminal defence lawyers have the experience and skills to spot these opportunities and take full advantage of any possible weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case.

Read below for additional legal information about defending a criminal charge of fraud in Toronto, Ontario.

Fraud Over $5,000

When a person is sentenced for fraud, over $5,000 is culpable of an indictable crime that is condemned by up to fourteen years in prison, under Section cc.380 of the Criminal Code.

Fraud Under $5,000

If you are sentenced to fraud under $5,000, you are culpable of an indictable crime, and you can be facing up to two years in prison, according to the Criminal Code of Canada, under Section cc. 380(1)(b). In less severe cases, you can be guilty of a summary conviction.

What is Restitution?

If you commit fraud and are willing to pay back the money, it is called “restitution.” Doing this can result in an agreement with the Crown by which the victim can withdraw the charges. As these types of cases are challenging to prove in court, it is common that the Crown accepts this deal to avoid a problematic situation in court.

Restitution money is also considered an influential element when the judge is deciding the punishment to impose.

Fraud Defences

When you hire a skillful Affordable Fraud Lawyer, you have defences available, such as lack of intent to defraud. The defence strategy will be based on the circumstances of your case.

You may be looking for an Affordable Fraud Lawyer and a good Fraud Lawyer in Toronto. Contact our office today, and let’s see how we can assist you in overcoming your facing.

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