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Criminal Lawyer Barrie

On the shores of Kempenfelt Bay is located the city of Barrie in Central Ontario, Canada. With 141,434 inhabitants, Barrie is the 34th largest city in Canada. It is north of the Greater Golden Horseshoe, and it is only 55 miles northwest of Toronto.

Barrie’s geographic location is within Simcoe County, but, it has its own independent municipality. Because of the city’s strategic geographical position, it has emerged as a bedroom community in recent times.

Barrie Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) is form by the City of Barrie, Town of Innisfil and Springwater Township, and is one of the safest regions in Canada. It has the lowest Crime Severity Index since 2013 reported at 45.4 which is less than average.

The Barrie Police Service works within Simcoe County and it is determined to make Barrie a safer community. In 2018 only 25 break and enters were reported to the police, and only 21 impaired driving offenses were committed.

Barrie Courthouse

Barrie courthouse is located at 75 Mulcaster Street Barrie ON L4M 3P2. The court office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

In here you will find

  •       Civil-Superior Court of Justice
  •       Criminal Youth-Superior
  •       Criminal-Superior Court of Justice
  •       Criminal-Ontario Court of Justice
  •       Enforcement-Superior Court of Justice
  •       Family-Superior Court of Justice
  •       Small Claims-Superior Court of Justice
  •       Crown Attorney
  •       Ontario Victim Services

If you have been accused with a criminal offense in Barrie, Midland, Oro-Medonte, Simcoe County or anywhere in Ontario call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug immediately they can help you with any of these offenses Sexual Assault, Domestic Assault, Assault, Drug Trafficking, Drugs, Aggravated Assault, DUI, Cyber Crime, and Internet Crime.

Sexual Assault

In Canada you can be accused of Sexual Assault if you are engaged in a sex act that was not wanted, this includes kissing, rape, improper touching, grabbing someone sexually, and fondling.

You need to know that any sexual activity should be allowed on both sides.

If you have been put on trial for a sexual assault offense, the first thing you need to consider is to meet with a sexual assault lawyer Barrie to discuss how to move forward.

You can easily do this by calling Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug and set a free meeting with one of their experienced defense lawyers.

Once you hire a Barrie criminal lawyer he or she will contact the Crown attorney to ask for  your case disclosure.

Disclosure is all the evidence against you including police reports, witness statements, complainant statements, etc.

Once your criminal attorney reviews the evidence he or she will meet with you to discuss all the important matters and plan your defense strategy.

The result of being found guilty will depend upon the gravity of the sexual assault.

But you don’t have to face this alone ask for the help you need contacting a criminal lawyer Barrie immediately.

Domestic Assault

Being charged with domestic assault is common and it involves altercations in people in a domestic relationship. There are so common that there are courts in Ontario dedicated entirely to domestic assaults.

A domestic relationship is an intimate relationship between two people. No matter if they are from the same sex, opposite sex, boyfriend or girlfriend, they are married or they are living together.

There are many consequences if you are prosecuted for battery domestic violence, for example, if there are children involved you may not be able to contact them while on bail and if you are found guilty of the crime.

So you should take this charge seriously and contact a domestic assault lawyer Barrie as soon as an allegation of domestic assault is made.


Of all types of assault charges, this is the most simple, but this does not mean you will not need an assault lawyer Barrie to help you face the judge.

This type of crime is prosecuted in two ways:

  •       The less critical of the two charges is simple assault. In most cases, there is no need for a jury or a jail sentence. Or,
  •       Indictable offenses. Here a formal court process is a demand.

It is not a good idea to deal with a criminal charge without a criminal attorney by your side.

The best thing you can do is call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug, and request a free meeting. They will meet with you in Barrie because they work in all Ontario courtrooms, and give you the best defense strategy for your case.

Drug Crimes

Let’s clarify something drugs are illegal in Canada and drug crimes are taken seriously by the police. There are grave repercussions if you are convicted for any drug crime, that can include prison, prohibitions to travel to the U.S., and it can also affect your job.

If you are facing any drug charge you have to take care of it carefully to avoid these results. The best way to face these charges is by hiring a drug crime lawyer Barrie that have the skills and experience to make sure you have a fair day in trial.

At Lawyer, you have a team of defense attorneys that know exactly how to prepare your defense base on your case.

Aggravated Assault 

When someone is very badly injured is considered aggravated assault and is the most serious type of assault. This type of assault involves lasting injuries or the likelihood of passing away for the victim.

The maximum punishment for this type of crime is 14 years in prison.

If you are charged with this type of offense you should call immediately an aggravated assault lawyer Barrie to plan your defense. Remember the Crown attorney must prove that the victim’s injuries were the result of your actions and that you were aware that those actions caused the injury.


In Canada is a crime to drive under the influence or impaired driving. The penalty for this type of crime can be from having your driver’s license suspended to spend time in jail. As you can see being charged with a DUI is a serious matter.

It is not recommended to face a DUI charged alone, you need to get help from a DUI Lawyer Barrie as soon as possible to be able to plan a defense so you can get back behind the wheel legally.

Cyber and Internet Crime

Cybercrimes in Canada are any type of illegal activity that takes into account the use of  a computer network or just one computer.

Cybercrimes can have a long time effect and you will need the advice of a Cyber Crime Lawyer Barrie such as those from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug he have experience defending people that are facing cyber and internet crimes in Barrie. They can help you decide which is your best defense to get a positive outcome.

Bail Hearing

If you are accused of a crime you need to understand what is the purpose of a bail hearing. To learn this prior going to court can make all the procedure easier.

A bail hearing is when a judge will resolve if you can or cannot post a bail to be set free from prison for the duration of your court case.

The tribunal will decide if you can be reliable to show at your criminal prosecution. In this hearing, you will know the exact sum of the bail, if concede.

In the bail hearing, there is only a judge, the suspect, and the defense attorney (if the suspect has one), as well as the community.

The bail hearing is key and you should be accompanied by a bail lawyer Barrie to assist you in court. He or she will lead you during that time so you have a greater possibility for bail to be allowed

Factors to Be Consider

There are many factors the judge will contemplate to determine whether or not to permit bail, such as:

  •       Past criminal records
  •       Personality
  •       Financial assets
  •       Job
  •       Court appearances
  •       A support group
  •       Time of living within the community

It is your duty and your bail lawyer Barrie to give all the evidence of the above elements.

Consider that once the police take into custody someone for a felony, they have to bring the person before the Court within 24 hours. The bail hearing can take place immediately or it can be delayed up to three days if it is requested. A bail hearing cannot be delayed for more than three days without the approval of the person being charged.

That’s why it is so important to act fast, and that’s why you need to contact Lawyer Plug at the first opportunity. Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug team of defense attorneys will give you the assistance you need in this difficult time.

If the bail is given, most of the time, the tribunal will ask for specific conditions that must comply for you to be out of jail, including:

  •       Job
  •       Prohibition to travel
  •       Drugs and alcohol testing
  •       Check-in with an officer in particular days
  •       Psychiatric evaluation and treatment
  •       Have a surety
  •       A permanent home address

The court can also deny bail due to the lack of documentation that the above factors will be fulfilled. Keep in mind it is your life and you need to have all the assistance you can by contacting Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug. You can call at any time any day, there is always someone to help you.

If for any cause, the bail is denied your bail lawyer Barrie may appeal the decision in a higher court.

Bail hearings are an easy process and it all depends on how well prepared is your documentation, your past events with the court, and the plan of action of your criminal attorney.

What to Do If you are Being Detained or Arrested

People in Canada are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Here are some important rights you should know:

  •       The police should inform you why you are being detained or arrested
  •       The search must be in a respectful reasonable manner
  •       Remain silent
  •       Ask for proper legal representation

If you don’t have proper legal representation, you should call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal lawyer Plug. They works in all Ontario courtrooms and is available to meet with you in Barrie during weekends, evenings or any time is good for you.

If the police try to arrest you allow it. If you don’t, you could be accused of obstructing the police work or assault with intent to resist arrest.


Being detained by the police means you are not allowed to go. If the police have any basis to detain you, you must stay and accept their requests.

Once the police allow you to leave you can go. The police can only detain you for a brief time and only when they have reasons to suspect you have been involved in a criminal offense.

If the police do not tell you why you have been detained it is not a good idea to try to walk away, you should stay and then discuss with your criminal lawyer Barrie the police procedures and your concerns.


When you are arrested the police will tell you your rights and take you into custody handcuffed. It is at this time that the police charge you with a crime.

Remember you have the right to ask for a legal attorney and you should do it. Call criminal lawyer Barrie as soon as you have been arrested.

The first thing you need to do if you don’t know if you are under arrest is to inquire the police, if you are, ask the reason.

You can be arrested for any of the following reasons:

  •     If you are committing a crime, and you are putting in danger another person
  •     The police have serious reasons to believe you have to do a crime.
  •     The police have serious reasons to think you are about to commit a serious offense.
  •     The police have a warrant for your arrest or they have reasons to believe a warrant exists for your arrest.

It is key to remain silent, you don’t have to answer any questions or talk to the police whatsoever without legal representation. It doesn’t matter if you have been detained or arrested you have the right to remain silent.

A criminal lawyer Barrie will help you through the process so call Lawyer Plug 24/7, 7 days a week.

Ask for a Criminal Lawyer

What to say

When you are detained or arrested all you have to say is “I want to contact a criminal lawyer Barrie. Once you ask for legal representation the police are not permitted to question you any more. Remember you don’t have to talk to the police without a counselor present.

If the police continue to ask questions, remain silent and politely ask again for your criminal attorney.

The police are also required to provide you with an interpreter in case you don’t speak English. Tell the police you need one so you can understand your legal rights in your language.

You have the right to speak to an attorney once you are detained or arrested find out more here. So if you know you are under police investigation it is a good idea to contact Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug before your detention or arrest so you can call them if anything happened.

The police are obligated by the law to let you call a criminal lawyer Barrie.

If you meet your counselor at the police station you can speak to him or her in private.

You can also talk to someone who is not an attorney to help you find a Barrie criminal lawyer.

Never talk to the police before talking to a criminal lawyer from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug. Remember they have experience in criminal offenses and work in all Ontario courtrooms, plus they offer affordable rates with no hidden fees, so you can have the best defense.

Remember you have the right to remain silent and the police are not permitted to question you without legal representation.

If you don’t have a criminal attorney to speak with, you can ask for a duty counsel.

If you call your criminal lawyer and you are not able to reach him or her you have the right call another attorney and this time make sure you call Lawyer Plug.

Finally, you can repeat “I don’t want to answer any question until my Barrie Criminal Lawyer is here” again and again. This way you are telling the police you are chosen to remain silent.

Let Criminal Lawyers from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug and team to help you in this stressful and difficult time. You don’t have to do it alone.

Believe me, you will need all the help you can to face the police, the Crown, the judge, and the jury. You can have a proper defense but first,  you need to call an experienced Barrie criminal lawyer to be by your side.

Richmond Hill Criminal Lawyer Plug is always updating and adding content to to ensure our readers have the most current information on various aspects of criminal law in Ontario.  

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