Criminal Lawyers Brampton

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Criminal Lawyers Brampton

After Reading These Details You Will Feel More Confident About The Court Process | Brampton Criminal Lawyers | Practicing Law in Brampton Superior Court of Justice

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Learn how Brampton Court House works and how to navigate the complex legal system

Criminal Lawyers Brampton

Situated in Southern Ontario, Brampton has a population of 593,638, it is the seventy-seventh largest city in North America, and it is the host of the ninth-most populous municipality in Canada.

In the Greater Golden Horseshoe Region, Brampton is the third most populous city, only behind Toronto and Mississauga.

In the last three years, the number of crimes committed in Brampton has increased having a crime index of 55.33, almost ten points above the safety index at 44.67.

Over the past few years, throughout Toronto and the GTA, gun-related crimes have had a lot of attention, due to the increased in shots being fired. According to the police, just in 2018 more than 100 bullets had been fired.

But before you panic, the police also said that the region is safer than other regions, and gun crimes are low.

The Peel Regional Police, focus on Brampton and Mississauga serving more than 1.3 million people. There had been 40,000 criminal offenses in 2017, being crimes against property the highest with 71 per day.

There were reported 242 charges for highway traffic act per day. The most common ones include:


  •       Speeding
  •       Stunt Driving
  •       Distracted Driving
  •       Driving Under Suspension
  •       Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Insurance

Over 15,000 people faced some type of criminal charge in 2017; 12% were minors, between the ages of 12 and 17.

Brampton courthouse is located at 5 Ray Lawson Blvd, Brampton L6Y 5L7, and on the second floor it is also located the Prosecution Office.

Brampton courthouse is open Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30, excluding holidays…

When Do You Need To Call A Lawyer

Being charged with a crime is very nerve-wracking, and you need all the help you can. Criminal lawyers Brampton treats all the cases with responsibility, focusing on delivering the best outcome for your case.

It can be hard to know exactly when to call a criminal lawyer when you know you are under police investigation, but waiting too long is not your best option.

Here I am going to explain why it is never too soon to call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug, plus you will learn how Brampton criminal lawyers can help you even before charges are presented.

Keep reading to learn how to implement your constitutional rights.

I know you can feel afraid and lonely, against the police. It is not easy to remember your rights when you are burden with questions, a warrant is executing, or they are looking through your things.

The most important thing you have to remember is to stay quiet and call your Brampton criminal lawyer.

Brampton criminal lawyers from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug, provides help for those who are facing all types of criminal charges including:

Sexual Assault

In Canadian Justice being accused of sexual assault is a serious matter. You can face severe penalties for up to 10 years and the Crown may order that your personal information may be included in a list of convicted sexual offenders across the country, regarding where you live.

Sexual Assault Lawyers Brampton has the experienced to defend these types of crimes, including severe charges such as child pornography, sexual exploitation, offenses against children and other similar crimes.

Domestic Assault

If you are charged with domestic assault you need to contact an experienced Domestic Assault Lawyer Brampton, as soon as possible, to avoid the difficult consequences of a domestic assault conviction.


In the Brampton and Mississauga area, the second most common crime is assault. If you are charged with assault an experienced Assault Lawyer Brampton will fight for you to keep you away from a criminal record if it is your first offense, and if you are again facing assault charges they can help you stay out of jail.

Drug Trafficking and Possession

If you are charged with drug trafficking or possession the best thing you can do it is to contact a Drug Lawyer Brampton. A drug lawyer will be able to create a defense for you because he/she will know the particular laws relating to drug crimes.

Aggravated Assault

Of all the forms of assault, being charged with aggravated assault it is a serious thing. You will be charge depending on the level of injury suffered by the victim.

So if you or someone you love, is charged with aggravated assault call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug, their Aggravated Assault Lawyer Brampton, will help you with your defense, to avoid being punished with up to 14 years in prison.


If you are facing a DUI Charge in Brampton or Mississauga, then you need to contact a DUI Lawyer Brampton. DUI Lawyer will help you with grave driving offenses, and will help you the whole time with your sentence, and most importantly driving again legally.

Bail Hearings

If you are going to a bail hearing, you should have a Bail Lawyer Brampton to help you in court, to understand the process and to recommend your release.

Bail Courts work every day, just like Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug, so call them day or night.

Cyber and Internet Crimes

Internet crimes are increasing, they include:

  •       Identity Theft
  •       Fraud
  •       Virus Distributing
  •       Phishing

If you are facing an internet crime charge your best option is to call an Internet and Cyber Lawyer Brampton to help you prepare your defense.

Police Questioning

The Police are doing their job, to investigate a possible crime, and they are often very good at it. They can use phrases like “All we need from you it is to come to an answer a couple of questions, we are sure it is just a misunderstanding.” But you should know that no matter what you say, all can be used against you in a court of law.

Police will only tell you that you have the right to remain silent if you are in custody. But if you freely offer to answer any question, they may never tell you, you can have a Brampton criminal lawyer with you at any time.

That’s why it is important to call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal lawyer Plug, as soon as you discover you are under investigation. It doesn’t matter that their main office is in Richmond Hill, they can meet with you at Brampton Court House because they have cases in there, or they can meet on weekends and evenings.

Remember any time a police officer wants to talk to you, call Brampton Criminal lawyers from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug.

Having a criminal lawyer by your side is the only way you can be sure that you don’t say something that could harm your case.

Brampton criminal lawyers have the experienced to know how to handle police questioning. Your criminal lawyer will stop you from making a mistake, believe me you need someone by your side, helping you all the way through

Search Warrants

For the police to get a search warrant for your home, your car, your office, or your computer all they need is probable cause.

If the police give you a search warrant don’t hesitate, call immediately a Brampton criminal lawyer. Your lawyer will read the search warrant, and tell you exactly where is the police allow to search.

Search warrants are often without any notice to avoid any evidence from disappearing, so you will need to call your Brampton Criminal Lawyer from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug, in front of the police officer.

Whenever it is possible ask the police to wait until your attorney can arrive. If you can reach your Brampton criminal lawyer or you don’t have one, make sure to get a copy of the search warrant.

Your criminal lawyer can look for any constitutional violations and if the police did anything that they were not supposed to do, the evidence they found can be excluded from the trial.

Warrants & Notices to Appear

If you are under police investigation it can result in a criminal charge. If you receive a call from the police, or if you receive an appearance note before Brampton court, it is time to call a criminal lawyer.

If you call a Brampton criminal lawyer as soon as you can you may avoid the inconvenience of an arrest, because your lawyer may be able to set out with the police and bring you into court alternatively.

How much would it cost to hire a criminal lawyer?

Many people facing a criminal charge do not call a Brampton criminal lawyer because they consider it is to high the cost of hiring one.

You have to consider that legal fees will vary, as well as the payment structure.

Legal Aid

If you are an Ontario resident with low income you can apply for Legal Aid. Legal Aid Ontario is a non-profit organization that provides legal help in the province of Ontario, Canada.

If you want to apply and qualify for Legal Aid, your income needs to be less than $22,720 for 1 person or $32,131 for a family of 2.

At Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug, they accept Legal Aid, so call them, they will help you to get the most efficient defense at affordable prices.

Payment Structure

There are three ways you can pay:

  1. Per hour: Pay for every hour of work done.
  2. Deposit: Some lawyers ask for a payment in advance. This payment is non-refundable.
  3. Flat Rates: They will give you a flat rate for all the work done.

It is common to pay an initial deposit and then be charged an hourly rate.

Because Brampton Criminal Lawyers and our team of lawyers are here for you they will not charge you more, as they always provide affordable rates, plus they can accept legal aid.

If you hire a criminal lawyer who offers a fixed price, you must really do research and ask him or her for any hidden fees, you don’t want any surprises once is working in your case.

Some criminal lawyers charge per hour, instead of a fixed price, but you should keep in mind that legal bills can increase quickly this way, and this may not be your best option.

At Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug, they know how stressful this time can be, that’s why you can always expect a fair rate, this way you have one thing less to worried about.

Just remember to know exactly what you are paying for, and to read all the terms and conditions before hiring a criminal lawyer.

How much will I pay?

It is hard to tell you how much you are going to be charged because it varies between lawyers. Here are the most important factors to determine the cost of hiring a criminal lawyer Brampton.

The lawyer will charge a sum. That sum depends on the experience, and skills of the lawyer; and the difficulty of your case. The longer it takes to solve your case, more resources will be used, and the more you will be paying.

Criminal Lawyers from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal lawyer Plug, will help you by giving you affordable rates so you can have a fair day in court.

All you have to do is call our 24/7 hotline 647-490-7660 for a free consultation, you will talk with a member of their team, to review the allegation, then they will give you the strategy to defend your case successfully. At the end, you will know exactly the rate you will pay for all their services, including your defense and your court appearances.

How to Pay

The first thing you need to consider it is that you need a criminal lawyer by your side. In the long run, it is cheaper to hire one, as they know exactly what are they doing.


Because if you are charged with a crime, your lawyer is the only one who can tell you all the legal terms, consequences and with his or her help you will be able to make important decisions.

Your criminal lawyer Brampton, knows how to present your case in court. He or she has the knowledge about all the court procedures and it will prepare your case with professionalism and efficiency.

Your lawyer will gather all the proof and legal arguments to present in trial, to prove you did not commit the crime.

If by any reason you want to take the fault, your lawyer will help you get the lowest possible punishment. He or she is prepared to make deals with the prosecution.

Here are some important things to consider when managing legal costs.

  •       You need to establish a cost estimate before hiring a lawyer. Don’t be shy, require an estimate on how much you are going to pay.
  •       It is a good idea to know how much your lawyer fee might be. This way you have a limit on how much you are going to spend.
  •       If you need it, you can apply for legal aid in Ontario. As I mentioned before legal aid in Ontario will consider your monetary conditions, to decide if you are a candidate to receive legal aid. If you do qualify for this legal aid, make sure to call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug.

Get Help From Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug

When you suspect you are under police investigation, it is never too soon to call Brampton Criminal Lawyers from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug, you will find an experienced and skilled criminal defense team that it is ready to help you with any criminal charge, such as Sexual Assault, Domestic Assault, Assault, Aggravated Assault, Drug Crimes, DUI, and Internet Crimes.

They offer free consultations, and they work on all Ontario Courts, it doesn’t matter that their office is at Richmond Hill. If you are in the Brampton and Mississauga area call them you don’t need to face the police alone.

When you call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug, you will receive affordable flat rates, with no hidden costs and the experienced of a criminal lawyer in all Ontario courts including Brampton Superior Court of Justice.

You can call at any time, any day of a week, at Lawyer Plug there is always someone to assist you because legal problems don’t wait.

Also, you can call Lawyer Plug 24/7 if you required a Bail Lawyer Brampton. Bail hearings are important because if your bail is denied you can spend more time in police custody. A time ranging between 30 to 60 days.

It is important to talk to a criminal lawyer as soon as possible, you will feel less anxious, and nervous. Being charged with a crime oftentimes leads to depression and desperation, but having a criminal lawyer by your side, will help you understand the process, and he or she can help you avoid imprisonment and a criminal record.

Remember the two most important constitutional rights you have, the right to remain silent and the right to have legal representation, use both of them.

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