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Brampton Theft Lawyers & Mississauga Fraud Lawyers

Learn How To Protect Yourself From Allegations of Theft, Fraud, Robbery & More For Free | Brampton Theft Lawyers | Practicing Criminal Law in Brampton Court and Beyond

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Learn how Brampton Superior Court of Justice prosecutes allegations of theft and fraud type allegations and avoid jail time & Criminal Record. Advice NO COST!

Why Do I need a Brampton Criminal Lawyer & Brampton Theft Lawyer?

The number one reason you need a lawyer who knows how Brampton Superior Court of Justice is to avoid a criminal conviction.  Even your first criminal conviction will dramatically alter the course of your life and here at Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug we have been practicing criminal Law in Brampton and over the years and have developed the confidence and ability to stand with you in court from the start to finish.

You need a Brampton Criminal Lawyer because they know the ins and outs of Brampton Superior Court of Justice and they will use this information to ensure your side of the story is heard by the Judge.  We are in this court house every day of the week and even on the weekends.  So contact us if you have questions for Brampton Theft and Brampton Criminal Lawyers.

Brampton Theft Lawyers & Mississauga Fraud Lawyers

Fraud and theft are crimes that have serious consequences if you are found guilty. On many occasions, theft and fraud can go hand in hand, but they are different types of crimes.

  • Theft: This unlawful act takes place when you steal another person’s belongings without his or her permission. To be found guilty of theft, the Crown must prove that you know that the goods were owned by someone else and you have no intention to return it.
  • Fraud: This crime is when you behave in a fraudulent way to rob another person or institution.

These offenses are classified in two ways Fraud/Theft Under $5,000 and Fraud/Theft Over $5,000.

If you are facing charges of theft or fraud you must call immediately a Brampton Theft Lawyer, from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug as you may be facing court fines and/or jail time.

Theft/Fraud Under $5,000 can be prosecuted by a summary or an indictable offense. If the Crown determines to prosecute you by summary offense the punishment is less severe it could end up in a fine of $2,000 or less with up to six months of imprisonment. When you are prosecuted with an indictable offense the sentence could send you for as long as two years in prison.

Theft/Fraud Over $5,000 is only prosecuted as an indictable offense. If you are charged for fraud and found guilty you could spend up to 14 years in jail. If you are found guilty for theft the maximum sentence is 10 years behind bars. Here you can read more about why is Belgrade nightlife so popular.

When you are charged with fraud or theft in The Region Peel that covers Brampton, Caledon, and Mississauga you may need to appear in a courthouse.

Brampton A. Grenville & William Davis Courthouse located in 7755 Hurontario Street Brampton Ontario L6W 4T1 is where all criminal matters are resolved in The Peel Region.

Being charged with a theft or fraud crime can have serious consequences in your life. Besides the punishments already mentioned, if you are convicted you will have a criminal record.

Having a criminal record can affect your life for years and you should try to avoid it with the help of a Brampton Fraud lawyer at all costs. Some of the consequences can include:

  • Your immigration status (if you are not a Canadian citizen)
  • Restrictions to travel inside and outside Canada. This means you may not be able to enter the United States.
  • Difficulties in keeping or finding a job
  • You can end up losing custody of your children

As you can see, you must call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug as soon as you are charged. The more time you pass without receiving proper legal advice the more trouble you can get into.

Lawyer Plug criminal defense attorneys can give you a proper defense strategy to avoid being convicted. This group of Brampton Fraud Lawyers works in all Ontario courthouses successfully defending people in your situation.

They can help you if you are charged with theft, auto theft, fraud, shoplifting, robbery, armed robbery, and receiving stolen property.

Types of Fraud

Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug can help you if you have been charged with the following types of fraud:

  • Insurance
  • Bank
  • Mortgage

Insurance Fraud

Lying to your insurance company can carry big repercussions if you are found guilty. You could end up paying court fines, doing community service, spending time in jail and having a criminal record.

But, what is insurance fraud?

According to Brampton Insurance Fraud Lawyers, a person commits insurance fraud when they lie and deceive the insurance company to receive a benefit or compensation.

This could mean from lying on an insurance application to an exaggerated claim for damages or injuries or even presenting a false claim.

The majority of times people try to deceive the insurance company to receive money.

There are two types of insurance fraud:

  1. Hard fraud. Here the person fakes an injury, theft, fire or accident to receive money from the insurance company.
  2. Soft fraud. Here the person has a valid injury, theft, fire, or accident but exaggerates the damages to receive more money.

Both are highly illegal and the punishment could be severe. So if you are charged with insurance fraud call a Brampton insurance lawyer as soon as possible.

Bank Fraud

If you are facing charges related to bank fraud, the best thing you can do is to contact a Brampton bank fraud lawyer to answer your questions before you proceed with your case.

You committed bank fraud when you deceive a financial institution to profit.

The difference between bank fraud and bank robbery is that the person committing the fraud keeps the crime secret, hoping that no one notices until he or she has finished and gotten away.

There is also another type of bank fraud that refers to a person that falsely pretends to be a bank or financial institution to get a money deposit from another person.

There are many ways a person can commit bank fraud. Some ways are more complicated and affect more people but the most common types of bank frauds include:

  • Bank imitation. A person or group of persons pretending to be a financial institution.
  • Stole checks.
  • Altering checks
  • Fraudulent loans. This happens when a person asks for a loan knowing he or she will not be able to pay back.
  • Internet frauds.

Being charged with bank fraud is a serious matter. The penalties are severe and will depend on the monetary amount of the fraud.

It is important to call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug if you are facing a bank fraud offense to discuss your case and plan a defense strategy.

Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is committed when you, a mortgage broker, a real estate agent or a lawyer, lie or exaggerate information to acquire a mortgage that would not have been allowed if the truth had been told.

Another type of mortgage fraud happens when people deceive home buyers by charging unlawful fees or inflated interest rates.

Since 2013, mortgage fraud offenses in Canada have increased by 52%, with Ontario leading. Mortgage fraud is rising for multiple reasons like:

  • Demand for houses is increasing
  • Interest rates are rising
  • Home prices are higher

When you are charged with mortgage fraud you need an experienced Brampton mortgage fraud lawyer to help you through all the criminal processes.

The most common types of mortgage frauds according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation are:

  • Deliberately giving false information in the mortgage application.
  • Lying about your current job situation
  • Giving a false amount of your down payment, or the source
  • Omitting existing mortgage and or debts
  • Giving false information about the property value

If you are accused of mortgage fraud don’t plead guilty until you talk to a Brampton mortgage fraud lawyer to know about all your options. Always make sure to make informed decisions.


Being convicted of fraud or theft whether over or under $5,000 could have devastating consequences to your reputation plus you could spend time in jail.

You need a defense strategy when dealing with fraud or theft crime because this could mean the difference between having a criminal record and a sentence of incarceration or something much less severe.

But the only way to have a good defense strategy is by contacting a Brampton theft/fraud lawyer that could review your case and give you the helpful advice you need.

Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug has a group of experienced criminal defense attorneys that will give you the tools you need during this difficult time. You can contact them 24/7 as there is always someone there to help you.

They work in all Ontario courthouses successfully defending people with all types of criminal matters. They know how the Canada legal system works.

Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug is your best chance to have a fair trial. Fraud and theft have certain defenses available to you, but it will all depend on the circumstances of your case. The best thing you could do is to contact Lawyer Plug to decide which of these defenses is right for you.

When you are charged with fraud, or if you know you are under police investigation or you only suspect that you may be charged, having by your side an experienced criminal defense attorney is key to protect your professional and personal reputation, your finances, and most importantly your freedom.

You need to seek legal advice as soon as possible, this way you have better chances of avoiding self-incrimination or any other type of problems you may get into with the police and achieving a positive outcome.

As mentioned above, even if you only suspect you may be charged with fraud you should call a Brampton fraud lawyer immediately. Your criminal defense attorney can help you protect your rights since the police interrogation. In some cases, an experienced fraud lawyer Brampton may be able to help you avoid charges in the first place.

Contact Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer as soon as possible, being charged and convicted for a crime affects your life and all around you.

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