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The Affordable Toronto DUI Lawyers Near You

When you’re accused of impaired driving, it is imperative to seek legal advice. Finding a Toronto DUI near you is the best way to avoid a DUI or DWI conviction and DMV license suspension. When you drive under the influence or while impaired or intoxicated, you can be charged with a crime.

Many people in Scarborough and the rest of Metropolitan Toronto are surprised when they discover they can go to jail for a DUI offence; besides, they can even encounter a permanent criminal record.

The good news is that Toronto DUI lawyers in your area can help you go through this situation. It is crucial to consult with a Toronto drunk driving lawyer immediately to avoid facing the Canadian criminal system alone.

Please note that navigating the criminal system can be challenging, and you need a Toronto lawyer specializing in DUI by your side.

Our lawyers at Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug will do their best to help you get a dismissal of charges, not-guilty finding, reduced charges, or mitigation of the charges. We have an entire team of the best Toronto DUI lawyers at your service to provide you with the best defence.

Trying to defend yourself at a Toronto courthouse without the assistance of a capable legal counsel, you’re endangering your freedom and a permanent criminal record. Keep in mind that you can receive jail time if you’re facing a second or subsequent offence if you find guilty.

What Is Considered DUI?

According to the Criminal Code of Canada under section 249, an impaired driving offence, also known as DUI or DWI, is committed when a person operates a vehicle while consuming alcohol or/and drugs. Being under the influence affects the ability of the person to drive responsible.

It’s essential to understand that drivers can be charged with a DUI offence even if they do not exceed the legal blood-alcohol or blood-drug limit.

Toronto DUI lawyer near you will explain that you can be charged if your capability to drive is affected to any degree by alcohol or drugs. In simple words, it doesn’t matter how much alcohol you consume; if you are driving reckless, you can be accused.

If you’re found guilty for impaired use of drugs, you sustain the same sanctions as driving while impaired by alcohol.

Here at Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug, we can help you if you’re charged with one or more additional criminal driving offences.

You can be charged with:

  • Under section 219 (1) for criminal negligence
  • Under section 320.13 for dangerous driving
  • Under section 320.14 (1) (b) for driving while exceeding the legal blood-alcohol limit (over 80).
  • Under section 320.14 (1) (c) for driving while exceeding the legal blood-drug limit
  • Under section 320.15 for failure or refusal to comply with the demand
  • Under section 320.16, for failure to stop after an accident.
  • Under section 320.18 for driving while license suspended

And so on.

If you’re accused of Driving Under The Influence or Driving While Impaired, you will need to make an appearance at one of Toronto courthouses located at:

  • 311 – Jarvis Toronto

311 Jarvis Street, Toronto Ontario M5B 2C4

  • 361 University – Toronto

361 University Ave., Toronto ON M5G 1T3

  • 1911 Eglinton – Toronto

1911 Eglinton Ave East, Toronto ON M1L 4P4

  • 444 Yonge (College Park) – Toronto

444 Yonge St., College Park – 2nd Fl., Toronto ON M5B 2H4

  • 1000 Finch – Toronto

1000 Finch Ave. West, Toronto ON M3J 2V5

  • 2201 Finch – Toronto

2201 Finch Ave. West, Toronto ON M9M 2Y9

  • 60 Queen (Old City Hall) – Toronto

60 Queen St. W. Old City Hall, Toronto ON M5H 2M4

When you’re indicted for driving under the influence, the Crown Attorney must prove that the vehicle has been operated carelessly. Keep in mind that the essence of the driving must be demonstrated independently from the consequences.

What Happens When You’re Charged With A DUI Offence?

Suppose you’re arrested and accused of driving while impaired, you’ll need to appear in court. Usually, when you don’t have a criminal record, you’ll be liberated by the police and stated a Promise to Appear Notice.

A Promise to Appear Notice is a document with critical information regarding your case, including the first court date.

Failing to appear in court can bring many problems. You can be charged with further criminal offences of Failing to Appear, as mentioned in section 145(5) of the Canadian Criminal Code.

It’s imperative to have by your side a DUI lawyer in Toronto to fight the charges against you.

What Is A Promise to Appear Notice?

As mentioned, a Promise to Appear Notice is the date you should attend your first court appearance, remember it’s not the trial date. One of the above courthouses addresses will appear in the Notice as well as the courtroom and time for your first appearance.

It’s vital to attend your first appearance, or the court may proceed with a bench warrant for your apprehension, and when the police find you, you’ll probably be accused of Failing to Appear for Court.

It’s a wise idea to consult a Toronto DUI lawyer once you have been charged and received the Promise to Appear Notice. A skillful and experienced DUI lawyer can notice any mistakes the police could make.

Sometimes the police can set a court date on a weekend or holiday when the courthouses are closed. In this case, the law demands you to appear in court on the next business day, but it’s crucial to contact a criminal lawyer to discuss your case’s best defense.

Your Toronto DUI defense lawyer will explain that during your First Appearance Date is not your trial date. In this First Appearance, the Crown Attorney will disclose your case and ask if you have hired a criminal lawyer.

Even though it’s not recommended, you can appear at this First Appearance without a criminal defence lawyer.

Please note that usually, you’ll have to wait for hours until the prosecutor calls your case. Here you can set a new date to return to court to corroborate you’re hiring a lawyer or trying to defend yourself.

Call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug to discuss your DUI charges and plan an effective defence strategy to improve your odds against the Canadian criminal justice system.

Call (647) 490-7660 and request your free consultation today!

During your first appearance, the Crown attorney must provide you with an initial disclosure that contains evidence that’ll be used to prosecute you.

The disclosure package must include a summary of the charges, the police officers’ entries linked to your case, witness declarations that the police have, your statements, video or audiotapes evidence.

A person prosecuted with a crime has the right to receive full disclosure from the prosecution.

The Crown attorney and the police must release everything in their possession, which may be pertinent to the case since you’re entitled to defend yourself. A DUI lawyer in Toronto will guide you step by step to get full disclosure.

Drunk Driving In Canada

According to the Canadian Criminal Code, you could be charged with impaired driving if you drive over 0.80mg. Even if you’re below 0.80 mg, you can be accused of DUI if alcohol is found in your system, and you show signs of impairment.

Keep in mind that in Ontario, provincial law also orders license suspensions and fines for people who blow over 0.05 mg even if they’re not confronted with a criminal charge.

Punishment If Found Guilty For DUI Charges

Suppose you are pronounced guilty of a DUI charge and have no criminal record. In that case, you’ll usually get a one-year Canada-wide driving prohibition and a fine in the criminal courts, supposing there is no restitution for damages. Unfortunately, you’ll have a criminal record. This consequence is for first time offenders without major complicating elements.

For subsequent DUI convictions, the consequences are more rigid as you might be facing exorbitant fines, driving prohibitions, and jail time.

Unfortunately, DUI convictions hurt many aspects of your life, such as:

  • Remarkably higher insurance rates
  • A criminal record which can stop you from finding a job
  • Travel restrictions
  • Can affect family court matters like custody or visitation to a child

As you can see, there are many negative consequences of being charged and convicted.

If you’re wondering how much does a DUI lawyer cost in Toronto, your best option is to call Criminal Lawyer Plug and request your free consultation.

When you call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug, you can be sure you’ll receive the sound legal advice and fair fees.

The Toronto drinking and driving lawyers at Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug have the experience and knowledge to defend you since they’ve been working in all Ontario courts for many years.

It’s vital to know that Ontario has zero-tolerance for 21 and under, novice, and commercial drivers with alcohol or drugs in their system. These types of drivers will have to pay an additional fine of $60-$500 and supplementary 30-day license suspension if they’re found guilty in court.

How To Defend Yourself From A DUI or DWI Charge?

Suppose you’re facing a DUI-related charge in the Toronto and Scarborough area. Call Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug and talk to an experienced criminal lawyer.

When you meet with a Toronto DUI lawyer, you must share all the details about your case including your arrest and First to Appear Notice.

Once the Toronto DWI lawyer has all the information, they will decide the best defence strategy. This strategy could dispute the legality and justification of the apprehension or police omission to protect your legal rights.

It could also dispute the basis for deciding impairment, like a deficiency in the breathalyzer, invalid fluid sample, or malfunctioning drug evaluation. Whatever the case, once you have a Toronto DUI around you, you will have an effective tactic to defend your impaired driving charges.

For a Toronto DWI attorney to be successful, you need to be completely honest with all details relating to the apprehension. You need to discuss all parties, even if you think it’s insignificant since they could prove you are not guilty.

You have to remember that all the information you provide to your DUI attorney is strictly confidential. The criminal defence attorneys from Richmond Hill Affordable Criminal Lawyer Plug will always discuss disclosure options before introducing this information to the court.

Scarborough DUI Lawyers – All You Need to Know

Are you convicted under DUI or Driving under the influence? You better make up your mind regarding your case as the justice system is overly strict in Canada. More than 50% of the total road accidents are drunk and driving cases, which have resulted in the loss of many lives.

In case this is your first time being indicted under DUI, you need to know the processing of the law and what you should expect? If you wonder whether hiring a Toronto DUI Lawyer or public defender might help you exempt from the charges or minimize your punishment.

It will then depend upon how much you can afford to hire a lawyer or the fact that you are truly innocent.

What Is A DUI and The Consequences of A DUI?

DUI or Driving under Influence is also known as impaired driving under the criminal code. There are different types of DUI charges that you need to know everything about them if you have to hire a DUI lawyer for yourself. These are Impaired Driving, over 80 mg. Alcohol, Failure or refusal to provide a breath sample, and multiple offenses in DUI.

DUI in Scarborough is considered a serious crime under the Federal Criminal Code. The implications of impaired driving can have major impacts on your future. You need to understand the consequences of a DUI:

  • Need to serve a Jail Sentence
  • A criminal record
  • Suspension of Driving License
  • Loss of Income
  • Fine payment

Reasons You Need A DUI Lawyer

This part of the article will tell you why hiring a DUI lawyer would be beneficial for you:

Future Employment Prospects

If your DUI case does not go smoothly, then it will always remain under your criminal record. It could affect your current as well as future employment.

What a Toronto DUI lawyer or public defender will do is to eliminate as many charges on your charge sheet and keep it minimum to stay off your criminal record. For that, you may have to pay some fine or do community service.

Avoid All the Requirements for Testing

With all the courts and the lawyer fees, some random urinalysis testing as part of punishment makes it even more expensive. If you miss a test any day, it could result in you ending up in jail.

A DUI lawyer will be able to minimize or completely expiate this penalty so that you can live a normal life. Without a lawyer on your side, you won’t convince the judge to remove this penalty.

Retain Your Driver’s License

As soon as you are indicted under DUI, your license is captured immediately. With a Scarborough Suspended Driving Lawyers, your charges may be reduced to a level to get back your driving license.

With the lawyer, you risk your license getting suspended for the lifetime and can have serious implications on your social and work life.

Minimizing the Court Fees

When you are involved in a DUI, the fines and the court fees will add up to a huge amount of money. You can only manage your finances and expenses when the lawyer will help you reduce the fine and the court’s cost.

How to Find Scarborough Affordable DUI Lawyers?

The fees for DUI Lawyers depend on several factors. The first is most important, the experience, success rate, and seniority of the DUI Lawyer. The more experienced lawyer you have, the more chances you have of winning the case. Being a successful and experienced lawyer will naturally mean a rise in his fee structure.

Another factor is the number of lawyers in the city. Some major cities have a diverse range of lawyers for different experience levels. With more numbers, the fee will be relatively low because of the competition, and thus, you will find many affordable DUI lawyers.

Third, sometimes hiring a junior DUI lawyer is also beneficial because of the access to resources in the law offices. They are generally supervised by senior lawyers and have exposure to the technicalities of the law. Therefore, in Scarborough affordable DUI Lawyers, junior lawyers are the best than others.

Lastly, it depends on the complex nature of the case. Some cases can take more days and trials than others. That drives up the amount of work and so the fees of the DUI Lawyer.

What to Do If?

  • You Failed or Refused to Provide A Breath Sample

You must abide by the law when the police demand for a breath sample. In case you have refused to provide a sample, you are also charged with impaired driving. Here is where your Scarborough Refuse or fail to provide breath sample Lawyers can help.

It becomes the duty of the lawyer to prove that your refusal was unintentional at that time. When it is proved, you would not be found guilty against the refusal. Moreover, the Scarborough Refuse or fail to provide breath sample Lawyers can look up for every factor of the case whether you need to provide a sample or not.

  • Your License Gets Suspended

Suspended Driving charges could stay on your criminal record for the lifetime. You can acquire an experienced Scarborough Suspended Driving Lawyers to reduce your charges, settlements, and acquittals in your favor. Without a DUI lawyer, you cannot alone present valid arguments or pleas for bargain negotiations.

A legal lawyer with a strong background in DUI violations can help you prevent your license suspension.

  • You Failed to Stop at The Scene of Accident

It is a criminal offense in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and Federal Criminal Code when you leave the site of an accident in which you were indirectly or directly involved. The penalty can be up to 5 years of imprisonment and life imprisonment in the case of death.

Hiring a Scarborough Fail to Stop at Scene of Accident Lawyers could help you get your charges as reduced so as you are given minimum punishment. With their legal knowledge, the Scarborough Fail to Stop at Scene of Accident Lawyers will try to turn the case in your favor.

Final Thoughts

A Toronto DUI Lawyer or Public defender would guide through the process of trial and provide you with all the necessary documentation. If this is your first DUI case, hiring a skilled lawyer is your first step to make the trial go as smoothly as possible.

Being convicted under DUI charges includes harsh penalties and punishments because of the strict laws in Canada. Moreover, with their advanced costs and fees, it becomes crucial to find an affordable one. You must look for a lawyer around your area to be familiar with your area’s court proceedings and maintain your financial expenses.

Facing a DUI or DWI charge and conviction is a serious matter, and it’s in your best interest to seek the best possible legal outcome – dismissal, not guilty, reduced charges, mitigated penalties.

You have legal rights, and you must be treated with respect and dignity during all the criminal process steps.

If you’ve been charged and arrested for impaired driving in the Toronto and Scarborough area, consult with the skillful DUI attorneys at Criminal Lawyer Plug today!

For even more information about DUI and Drinking & Driving Defence Laws in Ontario visit what we think is the most extensive over view on the consequences of drinking and driving in Canada.

If you have been arrested for drinking and driving this information is invaluable if you attend to plead not guilty.

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We have one of the highest favorable outcomes in fighting DUI related charges in the Toronto criminal court system; our legal help and advice could prove indispensable.

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