Time is of the Essence!

Facing a criminal charge can be a traumatic, life-shattering experience. The mere laying of a criminal charge can destroy your reputation and lead to the loss of current or future employment opportunities. A criminal charge or conviction may also result in a criminal record and the loss of your ability to travel, live, and work in other parts of the world like the United States. A criminal charge may even cost you your freedom. Though less serious than criminal charges, facing quasi-criminal charges under the ON Motor Vehicle Act or ONTARIO Traffic Safety Act can also be terrifying because they may result in hardships like losing your driver’s license and ability to drive for long periods of time.

Because of the significant consequences that can follow a criminal or quasi-criminal charge it is vital that you retain a lawyer at the earliest possible opportunity. Mr. McKee is often retained at the investigatory stages, where he can advocate for his clients before their charges have been approved by the Crown. In many of these cases, Mr. McKee has been able to persuade the police and the Crown to completely withdraw his clients’ charges and not proceed with the prosecution.

The sooner you retain Mr. McKee —the more he may be able to do for you.

Do not delay! Your daily life, reputation, and freedom are on the line and are too important to you for you to waste any time. Take action today and contact Mr. McKee NOW for a FREE and confidential consultation about your case!

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