About LawyerPlug.com


Michael McKee who has been practicing criminal law for over 24 years founded LawyerPlug.com with a goal to bring affordable legal services to the people of his home province Ontario.

He has established a team of lawyers who are independent and have a proven track record of success and with the support of his team he hopes to be able to offer clients with a solid defense at an affordable price.

Mr. Michael McKee is an Ontario criminal defence and trial lawyer. He defends individuals from all walks of life who are facing a wide variety of criminal and quasi-criminal charges. Mr. McKee’s clients have included the homeless, drug addicts, the mentally ill, youths, gangsters, students, a retired police officer, nurses, business people, doctors, lawyers, and a professional athlete and reality television and film star. Mr. McKee has also advised entrepreneurs in the medicinal marijuana and online gambling industries to help them ensure that their business practices comply with the law. McKee has experience before all levels of court in Ontario, including Provincial Court, the Supreme Court, and the Court of Appeal. Though he practices primarily out of Toronto and the surrounding areas, McKee has also represented individuals facing criminal charges in Provincial Courts across Ontario.

What You Get When You Hire Mr. McKee

  • Fiercely defend you against all of the allegations you deny
  • Get to know you and your side of the story at the outset
  • Conduct a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your case
  • Ensure you understand the law that applies to your case, including all of your available legal options and defences
  • Keep you promptly informed of any new developments in your case as it progresses through each stage of the legal process
  • Answer any questions you may have that relate to your case
  • Work tirelessly for you every step of the way and leave no stone unturned until he has achieved the best possible result for you
If you are currently under police investigation or are facing a criminal or quasi-criminal charge in Ontario and would like to hire Mr. McKee to defend you—contact him NOW to confidentially discuss your case for FREE!